Timing is everything.


And it’s always bad at Casa River.




Yesterday morning I saw that rat bastard red squirrel.




She was running all over our roof and gutter probably looking for a way back into the house.




I chased her off with the broom, but 10 minutes later she was back. She hung around for another half hour or so and for once….

I wish she’d stayed a little longer.




Well, hello there.




 Your timing was awful, but please come back another day.

I have multiple squirrel recipes to share.


24 thoughts on “Timing is everything.”

      1. Yes…we have albino squirrels about 40 miles NW. The 6-7 we have here on the park aren’t albino. One is so pretty with her white body and gray tail! The guests and kids love them. I researched their type~but would have to read again.

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