Why it’s important to thoroughly read descriptions.


I’m an avid reader, some might say voracious. I never feel complete until I’m knee deep in a good book and if I don’t have a stack of at least 10 ready to go? I get twitchy.

Needless to say I live on Amazon and worship their Prime 2 day delivery. (If you mention the word Kindle? You’re dead to me. Reading is, and always will be, a tactile pleasure. Period.)



About a week ago I did the unthinkable and ran through my unread pile in record time leaving me with *gasp!* only one book unread.

So just as I logged on to cruise the new releases, the husband started hollering at me to go help him with something in the barn. Rushing, I made a few quick picks because bookless is something I can not be. Without fully reading descriptions or reviews, I picked this one about a food critic because it had 4 out of 5 stars.



Well… technically it is about a food critic. But after sampling an exquisite torta ai fichi e limone, she has raunchy, not to mention quite descriptive, sex with her lover… kills him… and then harvests his tongue to cook and savor later.

Yes. She’s a sexually insatiable Hannibal Lecter.

*Note to self- always read descriptions and reviews*

29 thoughts on “Why it’s important to thoroughly read descriptions.”

  1. Seriously, Kindle is a four letter word in my bibliophile repertoire, okay not really but you know what i mean, I love actual books. Somehow I can’t read any electronic version because I get bored and don’t finish, go figure. Anyway, I’m going to have to check that book out, she sounds like my kind of gal….lmao.

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  2. I know what you mean about needing at least one book to read. Have you read any of Louise Penny’s books? C. J. Sansom? Sansom has a terrific series based in Tudor England. Penny has an incredible series based on Quebec police and a community called Three Pines. Fabulous character development in both.

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  3. I have been limiting comments because I am so far behind on e-mail it has taken me nearly a week to catch up…but this is worth taking a few moments for comment…:-) 🙂 🙂 Hysterical!!!

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  4. I just started Kindle a year ago. I read both print and Kindle (or library app)…partly because I can adjust the font size and partly because there is no more space for more books so help me god…😬

    But hey that book sounds promising. 😄

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    1. I can’t keep my books, we’d be buried like the Collier brothers in a few months. I trade with friends, donate to our local library and drop off at our recycling center for free browsing.


  5. LOL! I am the same way, total avid reader and I get antsy if I don’t have something picked out, on the go. Although lately (probably pandemic to blame) I’ve been very uninterested or I just haven’t found a good book I can sink my teeth into… Hopefully that changes soon!!! Great post! Yes, reading full description is a must! Lol

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