17 thoughts on “Pandemic humor”

  1. Monkey tail beard? Stupid people posting they won’t get vaccinated? Just two of the many reasons I don’t have social media. I mean if you don’t count my blog, but that’s not social media, it’s more of a rant of my life. As for kale being the cure for COVID, I’m……SAFE!! Safe times eleventy….😷😎😝

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  2. ok – so the microchip one – this is the conversation I have with patients all day long!!! I said to a guy the other day “look, THEY probably know everything about you anyway….the size shirt you wear, the last time you had your duvet cleaned, the colour of your underwear, your secret music crush….there is absolutely nothing a microchip could tell THEM that is not already out there on your internet search engine history and your bank statements. He thought otherwise though. He is convinced it is all about population control.

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    1. There are some people you just can’t argue with. And usually the ones who bitch the loudest about privacy are the same ones who freely post pictures and details about where they live, work and play to multiple social media sites. Sorry, but you can’t have it both ways.


      1. It’s such an odd thing to be worried about. I think more than anything though it perhaps shows that the level of trust in politicians is perhaps at an all time low.

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