Holiday cheer…?


Here’s a little something that might renew your faith in mankind. As seen on my little Maine town’s community Facebook page.



Proof positive there are still good and decent people in the world.

But if you think I’ve gone off the rails and this is one of those saccharine sweet Hallmark movie posts?

I also have this bit of holiday cheer :



And if that isn’t disturbing enough for you?

Check out the Christmas selection:



Apologies to my cringing male readers…. But it’s too good bad not to share.



20 thoughts on “Holiday cheer…?”

  1. Nothing like a festive holiday thong to set the mood. Or as Monty Python used to say ‘ Now for something completely different…’ Fortunately I will drink to forget between now and next Tuesday when we are to be baking several pumpkin pies. Thank you for inspiring me to drink enough…

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