24 thoughts on “Hear ye, hear ye…”

  1. How do they “ethically source” animal horns? Go hunting through animal graveyards? Animals have horns mainly for protection, or for males bullying other males during mating season. (Ladies,I do hope you are happy male humans don’t bully each other with horn when they want your attention, though this could explain the origin of the word “horny”!)

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    1. Oops. Hit the send button by mistake. As long as an animal is alive, it needs its horns. So, there is nothing ethical about taking their horns as long as they are alive. And do you really want to be drinking out of a dead animal’s horns, especially if it was killed to get them? I see nothing in the way of “ethical sourcing”!

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      1. Most cattle on farms and dairies are dehorned to prevent damage to other animals and more importantly, the handler. It is quick and painless.. but how they keep the horn from re-growing is a bit sketchy …
        I suspect that most of those horns came that way.
        Abattoirs (slaughterhouse) are very frugal with their leftovers, and what isn’t used as leather or sausage, goes to make jello …

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    2. If we were talking about Aurochs I would say you have a point. But we aren’t so you don’t. There is only ever one bull in a herd just because they will compete for mates and the farmer/rancher only wants the best bull to breed. The rest of the males are neutered and called steers. They lose interest in cows so there won’t be any fighting. Also, cows have horns. Any of these domestic cattle can have their horns safely removed without having to worry about predators, with the exception of curious extraterrestrials.


      1. I grew up on a farm for awhile, so thank you for the lesson. Did vikings raise cattle? Hard to do on the high seas. Don’t exactly seem the farmer type.


      2. I spent a little time on a farm when I was a kid, but that doesn’t matter much. But I have read a few books about the history of the Norse peoples, and they didn’t spend all their time looting and pillaging. They occupied a fair amount of what is now England and Normandy is named for them. Norman=North Man. Plenty of cows there. And so what? Have you ever eaten something you didn’t grow? It’s pretty obvious you don’t like people very much, at least not the European ones, but drinking from a piece of horn doesn’t make you a bad person. I played in the Society for Creative Anachronism for a few years and had many a drink with someone drinking from a horn. Not plastic, I assure you.

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  2. We have a beer horn. Hanging, dust-covered, in the basement. Where it’s been ever since the husband HAD to have it when he came across it at a Renaissance Festival. Every time I suggest we just get rid of it he balks. I say, if you’re going to hoard, hoard useful stuff.

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