18 thoughts on “I love my town.”

  1. Last year, on xmas, we made a box of turkey sandwiches and went out for a drive. Usually there are 25 – 50 homeless people wandering around our town. Unbelievably, we found no one to give the sandwiches to that day, or the next few days. We ended up eating them all, not wanting them to go to waste.
    We are hoping no homeless people meant that someone had done even better than we tried to do, and provided them with shelter and food.
    At least we tried.

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  2. Rocky and Bullwinkle must be visiting from Frostbite Falls, lol. Your town is definitely full of good and gracious people. Small towns are like that, that’s what my hometown is like. Although I haven’t been there since I moved to my new house, which is 57 mile from where my parents live.

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