18 thoughts on “Pandemic humor.”

  1. Good grouping. I invite the anti-winter-tire gang to come on up to my part of the world. We already have 3 feet of snow on the ground. All-year radials cause more accidents than bad drivers, except bad drivers with all-year radials. Let them blow that out their Covid bagpipes!
    Seriously, though, bagpipes are a great musical instrument. Just listen to Sky Pilot by Eric Burdon and the New Animals. One of rocks greatest songs!

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      1. Oh oh. My step grandfagher was Scottish, last name Harris. I cannot say this for fact, but, he claimed Clan MacGregor as his ancestry. I never met anyone from his family, he may have been an only child, I have no idea. But he was a damn nice man. Nothing at all like his stepson, my supposed father.


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