A query.


To tag or categorize… that is the question.



As you know, I tend to be a prolific blogger. Since the global plague threw a monkey wrench in our retirement and travel plans… I’ve posted twice a day and disproved the old adage ‘less is more ’.



But back to my question…

When you write a blog, do you tag or categorize? And what’s the difference?

My previous blog sites only offered tagging, so that’s what I’ve been doing since migrating here … but I’m wondering if I should categorize instead. Will more readers find my treasure trove of useless nonsense fascinating posts that way?

Dazzle me with your vast knowledge on the subject dear readers…


47 thoughts on “A query.”

  1. I used to tag to keep my fiction separate from my morning coffee posts, but then realized that the posts didn’t need to be archived to that degree of precision. And now I am hardly doing either, though I punish myself frequently for my slacking.
    Maybe if I was doing more reporting, as such, it would make sense to keyword things, but I don’t think people want to look up “bitching” or “damned Democrats”
    I kind of like the idea that I don’t archive my posts on my PC … if WordPress or blogger go belly up, my writings disappear …

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  2. I do both. Label each post under a general category and then tag away. Couldn’t tell you how either one affects readership, though; I assume more people find relevant posts based on tags, but categories help newcomers drill down to topics they find most appealing.

    800 consecutive days, eh? Well, watch out: I’m aiming for 31 next month! Woot!

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  3. I both tag, with some key words like humour or sarcasm as well as subject related words depending on what I am writing about, and categorize into stories, observations, or rants. Then again I don’t blog every day. kudos to you for being able to do that.

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  4. I started off creating categories and now I add tags as well. I don’t know if it helps anybody else, but it helps me when I want to search past blog entries.


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  5. I do both as well. I categorise so that my posts have some organisation; it’s also supposed to help anyone who searching your site. The tags are meant to help people who are just generally searching by topic; for instance if you put “coffee” in your search bar, you should get all the posts that have “coffee” as a tag. Cheers, Lynette

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  6. As others have insinuated, are you looking for new readers, or are you just wanted to communicate with whoever happens along. I came here through mistermuse, who kept mentioning you. Also it was timing. A very prolific blogger friend ended up in the hospital for a few months, and that left a big hole in my blogging schedule. Just so happened l liked a lot of your posts, so I am still here.
    As for categories and tags, I don’t particularly care how many readers I have. What I like are people who comment — yea, nay, or otherwise. I only have about 10 readers on my present blog, and my old blog is still finding readers though I don’t post on it much anymore. It spreads mostly by word of mouth.
    Besides that, my tablet I use for posting is very unstable. When I try to add categories or tags the tablet crashes. Don’t know why. If I get in one category or two tags I consider myself lucky. Mostly I don’t try much anymore.

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    1. It’s always nice to find new readers though it’s not really an issue. I delete all business followers and like you, enjoy the interaction of commenting. Hate to say I’m glad a blogger was in the hospital, but happy you found me at the right time.


  7. I categorize to keep my drivel organized but besides the midlife one I hate all my categories. I may change this at some point.

    I read a post by Ashley who said if you use the same name for a category and a tag the algorithm gets confused. Since I have no clue what an algorithm does or doesn’t do I could care less. But because Ashley is smart, I stopped using same for both.

    My two cents: categories are mostly for you. Create one for Barn Mahal, squirrel, husband and you can neatly organize in chronological order your stories on that subject.

    Use tags to cast a net out into the blog world. People search tags.


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