Call me crazy…


Go ahead, I know you want to. But in this case I’m crazy like a fox because I’ve found a product with multiple uses.



The Woof Washer!

Okay, sure… it will clean the mud off your dog. But think of the possibilities.

Little Johnnie Jr. beat up the neighbor’s kid and is covered in blood?

Woof Washer!

Your 5 year old daughter found your stash of stripper glitter?

Woof Washer!

Your husband comes home from the bar reeking of cheap beer and even cheaper perfume ?

Woof Washer!

I’m telling you, this thing is pure gold.


18 thoughts on “Call me crazy…”

    1. I tried to bathe a cat once. Notice the use of the word once. He had been sprayed by a skunk and since he loved to play with a dripping sink faucet I thought, why not?
      He shredded both my sweater and my skin clawing his way out.

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