She’s such a tease.


Our resident red bitch seems to have it in for Lord Dudley Mountcatten.



Day after day she prances around the deck and perches within sight of our highly frustrated cat.



He knows he can’t reach her, but it doesn’t stop him from sitting (almost) perfectly still in anticipation.



13 thoughts on “She’s such a tease.”

  1. Squirrels and chipmunks LOVE to tease dogs and cats. Once, a squirrel much like your red bitch, who had taunted my dogs for months, made a tactical error, losing its balance and falling from the tree branch where it had been teasing them. It caught itself on the chain link fence on the way to down, about a foot from the ground, on the side away from the yard, hanging on for dear life. One of my dogs rushed up and TASTED ITS FEET through the wire mesh! OMG, the excitement! The squirrel quickly recovered, climbed the chain link and jumped from the fence top onto another tree branch, intently watched by my dogs the entire time.

    Close call.

    That squirrel was less bold thereafter.

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  2. Make peace with her. Have hubby build a nice little home and fill it with nuts and seeds. Stand it on a post in the middle of the yard, with a bottom entrance so birds cannot get in. Once she moves in, she won’t bother your buildings anymore.

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