25 thoughts on “For whom the ball tolls.”

    1. The vets are now giving toms fake balls when they neuter them. Not sure who they are trying to fool, the cats or the people they live with. Glad they don’t give spayed females fake ova!
      As for the squirrels, kind of an anti-evolutionary tactic, sounds to me. Variety is the spice of life, and varied DNA leads to a stronger and healthier population.


      1. It started in the “show” business, but our veterinarians up here in Canada are now doing it for all toms–or should I say ex-toms. And probably adding extra costs to an already expensive operation. The SPCA wants up to control the pet populations, then they let the vets charge so much poor families cannot afford to have their pets spayed or neutered. Makes no sense to me. One of our cats recently brought home a bill of over $1000 recently for a series of tests, and a diagnosis of diabetes. He wants us to give Halverstock (silent “l”) daily blood sugar tests and and insulin shots, but we cannot afford them, nor would poor Halvi (the “l” is still silent) allow us to molest him like that. He is a rescue cat, having been born in the wild, and he barely let’s us touch him as it is, though he is just coming around now in his fourth year with us. We have had to decide to just give him the best life we can for as long as we can. He has shown us nothing untoward going on for him, he acts like every other cat I have ever known, except for his skittishness, and does not seem to be suffering in any way. We want him to be happy, and daily tests and injections would not do that for him. Life is a real bitch, sometimes.

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      2. We had a diabetic cat who lived a nice long life, without daily jabbing. Toward the end he lost a lot of weight and drank water constantly but was never in any pain.
        As for the fake balls, I can’t even.


      3. Yeah… it’s often hard to decide where to draw the line between quality & quantity of life.

        Replacing balls on animals is stupid! I have nothing against them in general. I understand human men wanting them replaced (though most women wouldn’t care). But animals? Nope!


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