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  1. In the top photo I see one doe and three babies. Were they all one family? Triplets are supposed to be fairly rare.
    Speaking of babies, on March 9, just after 9:00 AM, we had a new addition to our family of thoroughbreds. We bought Grandma in 2003, a grey mare named Halory Clanton. After her racing career she was put out to pasture to become a broodmare. Her first offspring was a colt that died before he was a month old of twisted bowel syndrome. Her second offspring, Tricksy T Clanton, was born with a twisted leg, and could never race, so she too now is a broodmare. Halory had a second daughter in 2019 named Halory’s Comet who will hopefully start racing this Spring. In 2020 Tricksy had her first baby, a girl named Halory’s Cupid. She may race this year, but as of yet her knees are not up to the pounding running takes. And now, three days ago, Halory’s Blue Jeans was born to Tricksy. After a hard birth after which we feared she might not stand up, she suddenly perked up after a while and has been looking good ever since. I never said anything because the first three days are critical for thoroughbreds. A good number unfortunately do not survive to the third day. She is healthy, and even a bit tall for her birthsize, but then, except for the colt, all the fillies were large for birthsize. All the young girls have barn names, or nicknames most might call them. Halory’s Comet is called Ginny after her father, Gin Fizz. Halory’s Cupid is called Kitty, just cuz we loves cats. And Halory’s Blue Jeans’ barn name is Venus, because who else would be wearing Blue Jeans?
    Oh, I forgot to add, all the girls are grey, which we love, because grey horses just look so much more regal than bays or browns or chestnuts. Black thoroughbreds are a rarity.

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      1. I don’t talk of them much to people who I don’t know to be horse people. But I had a feeling with your love of all things Nature you might, and so might some of your readers. If you want baby pictures, send me your Facebook handle, and Gail will send them to you. That goes for anyone. Then just wait for a message from Radik Bonk, obviously a pseudonym. (I abandoned Fb years ago. I think my account is probably still there, but I wouldn’t know how to use it anymore.And I am not on any other social media. Just WP.)

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      2. Took a while to find a place to reply. I thought I had told you I have never posted on River’s World, and would love to show our baby off. Must have not sent it. But I cannot figure how to post pictures or videos from my tablet’s gallery to my blog. Nothing I try works. I suspect it would not work on yoir site either.
        But if you go to RADIK BONK on Facebook you should be able to find the pictures and videos from last week. If you can get them onto your post I would love to see them there. You could use the story I wrote above for text. Or I could write something else and email it to you.
        The sad part of the story it that we live 1400 kms away from our horse family. They are with our trainer in Southern Alberta where we used to live. Until Covid we visited, them regularly, but we have not been able to get down there for two years. Not only have we not met Venus yet, but we have not even met Kitty who was born in 2020. Ginny (2019) knows us, but the babies don’t. We are hoping we can finally make the trip again this year.
        My email is gewcolo@gmail.com if you want to write.


      3. That’s really odd. I know you have to give permission for WordPress to access your photos on the prompt, but it’s such a simple process I’ve never known anyone who couldn’t do it.
        I checked your FB page, the little foal is darling. It must be hard to have them so far away.


      4. She is gorgeous, but all babies are gorgeous. I’m glad you got to see her. As fir Word Press, since my computer crashed and I replaced it with a tablet, I have nothing but problems with Word Press. Half the buttons ron’t work, or are unstable. And so it goes…

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      5. Never tried. I hit so many wrong keys on a phone it takes half an hour to send a text. I actually hate smart phones. I like phones with a handle, a speaking device, and a hearing device, if you can remember them, lol.

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