Random nonsense.


Social media is full of “remember when” posts and I normally scroll right by without paying attention. But then I saw this… and thought, damn!



They’re right.

It is, and we did.


The next photo was taken at my local grocery store and should be titled You Know You’re In Maine When….



And last but certainly not least… Disney can bite me. To say I haven’t gotten over my anger at George Lucas for selling Star Wars to the Mouse is a gross understatement. I felt betrayed. Bewildered. And completely bereft. No more anxiously waiting the next movie to drop, no more costumed premieres. Now there’s series after series I won’t see because I don’t want to stream Disney Plus.

Baby Yoda? Never met him.

The Mandolorian? Have no idea how he even fits into the story.

But now? The final insult.



I will miss Vader’s backstory.

Screw you George Lucas!



13 thoughts on “Random nonsense.”

  1. What do you mean you don’t know where the Mandalorian fits in? Hello? Boba Fett was from Mandalor, there’s a tie into Boba Fett and the Mandalorian. I’m as just on shock as you were when Lucas sold this series to the Mouse. But I’m a Star Wars fan…old school Star Wars…not all the prequel shit. But I kind of know some history of some of the characters. I have Disney+ and take advantage of the gift as my son pays for the subscription. I guess I’ll have to tell you Vaders origin story when it comes out….🤣

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  2. Don’t we know enough about Darth Vader? I feel like there’s really nothing left that could be filled in, but, hey, whatever they do at least it won’t be as bad as the Star Wars Christmas Special.
    Then again it could be. So you’re smart to just not look.

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  3. “This never would have happened if Walt was alive!” used to be a mantra around here. The creation of a StarWars section at Disneyland kinda sealed the deal on me never returning. The crowds (about 3x the limit from my youth) and OBSCENE cost to get in, when I know you’re lucky to get on 6 rides in 12hrs) definitely killed it.

    I also stopped caring about the StarWars franchise. They seem like Bullshit Story To Take Your Money, episodes 1-1,000. But it’s working for them so… I guess it’s a different world from the one I want.

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