Things I don’t have to buy.


I believe I literally laughed out loud when I thought about using this first product after a Maine snow storm.



Please. This was clearly invented by someone who’s never crossed the Mason Dixon line.



Good grief. I read an article a while back that said men found women who wear ball caps with their pony tail hanging out the back were sexy…but is this a thing now?



Is it a wheelbarrow? A dolly? Or someone’s kitchen sink…

I’m confused.


10 thoughts on “Things I don’t have to buy.”

  1. This is some list here this morning. You’re spot on with the, ahem, snow shovel thingie. I doubt it would work here, let alone somewhere with some actual snowfall.
    The cap leaves me wondering: Is it dumb, sad or both?
    The yard cart barro-wolly looks great if you want something that does a number of things badly. But, I must say, a stainless steel wheelbarrow is just the ticket for maintaining a sterile condition for your cow manure.
    Good one, Rivva, thanks.


  2. I won’t pick on the rolling sink basin too much, as it’s at least effective. The caps are stupid. Regardless of redonk teeny size, the snow thingies wouldn’t even work!! You’re supposed to push it upright? Then what??? If you angle it, it can’t scoop! Duuuur!

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