What up WordPress?


I blog from my phone most of the time. It’s quick, easy and always seems to be nearby. But when I updated my operating system and my apps the other day WordPress threw me a curve. I can no longer click on commenter’s avatars and find their blogs from my friend’s pages which is pretty annoying. It’s always been a good way to read and meet new people and I feel like WordPress just slammed a door in my face.

Aside from that, this is what I see when someone comments on my posts:



In the current climate of internet privacy run amok… do I really need to have access to everyone’s email and IP address? No. I do not.

(Apologies to Kenny, but I didn’t think he’d mind be made an example of.)

Anyone else experiencing this?


40 thoughts on “What up WordPress?”

  1. Like Boo, I do not blog from my phone. I do get e-mail notifications (on my phone) if someone wrote a new blog, and I can read the blog from my phone, but that is about it, as it does not allow me to respond or even “like” from my phone.

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      1. It really is! I have been able to use the blog name and then search for it and find it that way, but the other way is so much easier! I tried uninstalling and installing, but it didn’t change anything. I no likey!

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  2. Blogging from my phone would be a nightmare. My fingers are fat and shaky, which is why you’ll never hear me plunking and thumping on the guitar. I don’t mind showing up on your post. My fame (Infamy) increases apace. Sorry for your trouble.
    This post wasn’t very much fun, try to do better.

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  3. The advantages of not using my phone to access the internet except in emergencies, which I have not had one yet. (Knock on woody head!)
    When you are in comments on your phone, does it not show the commenter’s name and then their blogsite in blue?

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  4. That little square with the arrow in it should take you to the commenter’s blog. We’ve always had access to the email address, if you dig/dug far enough. I don’t like the changes they made to the app. Their mission seems to be “make this less intuitive.”

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