One last gasp of Cosmo Hell


I thought my gift subscription to this horrible rag had run out but apparently there was one more month of Cosmopolitan to suffer through.

Thankfully there wasn’t much truly blog worthy content, but I will share this one snippet.



A mystifying article of tips of which I shall spare you all but this:



Why is this magazine still being published?


22 thoughts on “One last gasp of Cosmo Hell”

  1. While the instructions are easy to follow, what woman is going to be thinking more about her surroundings than the action going on inside her own body. At least, if the woman I was with was thinking about a luxury resort, i would be reading for the local brothel!

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  2. Here’s where nobody can get mad at you over pronouns. Exactly what constitutes “They”? Is it a single, sexually ambiguous partner or is it your partner, the room service guy, the bellhop and the night manager? All kinds of things can happen in a hotel, or so I hear.

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