Let’s play.


Because that’s what we do once a week here.



For me there’s no contest, blue door all the way.

Sure, millions of dollars would be nice… maybe we could have a roof that doesn’t leak and that private jet I’ve always wanted…. but paying someone else to stain the deck so I wouldn’t blow out my knee? Changing doctors when I knew mine was an idiot so I wouldn’t be misdiagnosed and need surgery ? Not letting our cat outside on the day he was run over by a car? Or having the chance to spend more time with my father and ask him all the questions I should have before he died? I’ll take that over a giant bank account any day.

How about you?

Money or mistakes….


35 thoughts on “Let’s play.”

  1. OK blue door
    Work harder in school, get the grades I could have
    Accept an appointment to the Naval Academy
    Take a commission in the Marines instead of enlisting in the Navy
    go to flight school
    Fly my F-18 into a swarm of SAM’s
    At 26 my bones bleach under the desert sun
    I become the real Pete Mitchell
    Women wish they had me, men wish they were me
    I marry a movie star
    I don’t marry Cathy
    I drink my tea from a different cup
    Otto doesn’t bite me on the toe
    I’ll take the money
    Or give it to someone who actually needs it.
    My mistakes made me and I’m good.
    I’ve thought about this a lot.

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  2. Blue door without hesitation, or thought. But it could be terrifying discovering all the mistakes we have no idea we made. The ones we know are bad enough. There are mistakes of comission, but also mistakes of omission — things we could have done but did not do!

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      1. I’m not so sure. The guy who gets insulted, for good reason, gets pissed and goes home and beats his wife, his kids, or both. We never get to see ALL the results of our actions, or non-actions.
        The homeless guy who asks us for spare change, which we lie and say we have none to give him, takes 10 steps in the other direction and falls dead from dehydration, or malnutrition. Our generosity mignt have saved them, but we have no idea they even died!
        These are the kinds of things I think about. And while they may not seem like mistakes to us, someone else might disagree.

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      2. Hey man, you’re being pretty tough on yourself, and you can take that from a high ranking practitioner of the art. The wife beating man is gonna beat his wife because he’s a wife beater. Say you engage and don’t accept his abuse. You’re probably gonna rake his ass over the coals, and he’s just gonna stand there because these guys aren’t especially up to speed in the extemporaneous speaking department, and he’s probably not gonna jump because wife beaters aren’t known for their courage. So now he’s mad, and away he goes. Daddy’s home.
        Now say you take his abuse, In the way of a peaceful man,. You listen and control your reactions. His pejorative is clumsy and witless, but he takes a couple cheap shots and he’s got the crowd in it. Finally you walk off, people jeering at your back, but you are a man of peace. Now our joker is on a roll. Because you were such a pushover he decides to talk about some dude’s unattractive date and gets a broken nose for his trouble. Now his ol’ lady’s really gonna get it. Catch my drift? Do something or not, you did not make that man the way he is. Radical acceptance, my man.

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      3. They were just spur of the moment examples, Kenny, not meant to have any real relation to real life. I’m not saying they could not happen, knowing the huge numbers of wife batterers out there, but I was just trying to express ways in which things we do, or do not do, can affect others. I was not thinking of the batteters at all, but rather their victims.
        But now on the subject, I would l9ve to see every woman beater spend the rest of their livex in jail. It is such a cowardly act.

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      4. That was the whole point. We can be doing harm ehen we thi k we are doing good, or doing good wjen we think we are doing harm. We don’t know, but someone else does, whetner they know it was us or not.


      5. I guess “Blue door” threw me off. I’m glad I read it wrong. My ghosts haunt me with all the things that could have been and now never can. It has taken me years to learn to accept that, and that raises a ghost of its own.

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  3. Red door. Changing the past might mean a better future …or not. I’ll take the past I have with all my mistakes use the money to make a better future for myself and all the wonderful people I have in my life because, perhaps, of those “mistakes”. The past and all my mistakes made me who I am now, regrets and all. And I am good with that.

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  4. I am stumped because I don’t dwell on the past and I certainly don’t want to relive it only to make other mistakes, but I really don’t want to jump at the money either because my life is not about the money. If I took the money, there would be a lot of happy charities and a few happy family members.

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  5. Red door!! Many of the mistakes I’ve made have led me down the road to where I am now. Sure there are something I would change, like not marrying my stupid ex-husband, but then I wouldn’t have my boys. With a cool $10 mil, I could move forward making up for those mistakes very happy indeed.

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  6. Money. Going back in time may allow you to fix mistakes, but it also allows you to make all new ones, which could turn out to be even worse than the ones you are trying to fix. Nope. I can live with my mistakes, so fork over the dough, all cash, small, unmarked bills.

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  7. She stared at the keys . . . whose locks had long ago gone missing.

    Doors left behind in the wake of life and living.
    Moves from here to there, from hither to yon.
    Passages from passageways.

    The meandering trail of keys revealed a unique melody, stanzas punctuated by sharps and flats and a few missed notes.

    An endless sea of possibility amid uncertainty.

    Still, she regretted little. How could she? The tangled collection of keys had led to THIS door.

    She was HERE. And it was NOW. What else is there?

    So, I guess I’d go for the red door and that pile of cash. Even though I have no idea what I’d spend it on.

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