You really shouldn’t have.


We’ve all said “Oh, you really shouldn’t have” when someone does something nice for us or gives us a gift. It’s an automatic response, though what we really meant to say is …I wasn’t expecting this. But thanks, I’m glad you did!

But when a friend of mine gave me a gift the other day? Out of nowhere, for no reason, just because? It was a lovely gesture and of course… I said, “Oh, you shouldn’t have.”



But when I opened it…



I realized I actually meant it this time.

She really shouldn’t have.

Poo paper. Note taking will never be the same.



19 thoughts on “You really shouldn’t have.”

    1. Yeah yeah, I know how parchment is made. Definitely don’t try this at home, but if you are just that stupid, er, daring, just remember: The cow shit you get at the hardware store isn’t the same as the cow shit you get in its natural habitat.


  1. Isn’t that so much fun when no sooner than you say “you shouldn’t have”… you so want to immediately follow up after getting and/or opening the gift with “you REALLY shouldn’t have.” Ah, I guess it is better to take the high road and save it for a re-gift opportunity where you can’t be identified as the giver.

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  2. I know I meant it when my brother got me that Susanne Summers poster for my birthday… or… as I call it, “Sending your friend into Spencer’s Gifts to buy your brother something”…

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