Business upstairs, party down below.


Have you ever seen a picture of someone and known you weren’t getting the full story?

Look at 3 year old Jeffrey Dahmer, wasn’t he a cute little tyke?

Look at prim and proper Lizzie Borden, nary an ax in sight.

So the next time you see the famous Grant Wood painting American Gothic?



Know that there could have been a little extra something extra going on at the edge of the frame.



Those socks!



22 thoughts on “Business upstairs, party down below.”

      1. If you don’t have any luck, ask around at your nearest Pentecostal church. They’re big on reinforcing their fears and superstitions, so they have an ample supply, along with a bunch of pitchy smoky torches.

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  1. As an intel analyst in the Army for most of my adult life, it was paramount that we noticed the details not center mass. His hardy grip and hard lips indicate anger. Couple that with her sideways glance that showed absolute fear, and you have a situation worth briefing. In addition, look to the left, middle of the trees. What is that extending skyward? It is not organic, so it must be man made, but does not resemble a typical 1950 ham radio antenna. Too high for a Church Steeple. It would require a small recon team to investigate.

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