Not your mother’s Tupperware party.


Ladies – do you remember back in the day when your friends hosted those annoying Tupperware or Home Interior parties? I never wanted any of those products but my girlfriends would beg me to come to boost their attendance numbers. I hated the silly games and the forced sisterhood of wives who had nothing better to do than discuss the merits of the new and approved bowls that burped…. but I went, because I’m a good friend.

When those home party invitations started to wane and then disappeared completely? I was thrilled.

When the Covid pandemic introduced everyone to Zoom and my friends discovered the joy of hosting a party virtually? I was much less thrilled.



Yes, that’s an invite to a friend’s virtual, high pressure, please log on and buy something so I can reach my sales goal and receive the free gift I never would have bought for myself anyway, party.

To make her happy I accepted the invite and logged on at the appropriate time. I virtually waved hello to the sales rep of the company I’d never heard of and boosted her attendance numbers. About to slip out the digital back door unnoticed, I figured what the hell… I might as well check out what they were selling.

And may I just say? Wow.



Onyx nipple clamps and an Over the Moon vibrator?

I have to be honest… it almost made me miss the bowls that burped.



31 thoughts on “Not your mother’s Tupperware party.”

  1. Man, I haven’t been to a f*uckerware party since the 80s! Not familiar with the concept, I spent the whole time telling people where to get stuff cheaper. Lol.

    The true fun is in drag queen tupperware parties!! One got so popular that it ran off broadway! I first went when she did a local house party. The next time, she was at The Geffen Theater for a 2wk run!

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  2. We guys miss those lady’s Tupperware get togethers. It allowed US men to gather (sans wives) at the local sports bar and discuss how we “needed more Tupperware” in the cupboards. Yeah. That is what I remember.

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  3. I remember selling ‘Christmas Around The World’. This was before the internet and a hassle with going to people’s houses, set-up and demonstration.
    I know of magazines and websites that sell the sex toys a lot cheaper than those you listed!

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    1. Maybe that’s why they thought this one up – social and (intended to be) fun and funny. I remember years ago one of my friends went to one and was saying something about eating chocolate dicks. I can’t remember whether she got to trial the wares – how you’d do that hygienically I do not know eeeuck.


      1. I’m betting all these gadgets, or ones l8ke them, are available in the lofcal love shops. Whether your partner is nale or female, you can shop together to get the toys and embellishments. That seems a more logical place than a sex toy party. But you still can’t test them witjout uying them, and you cannot return them if they don’t work. That was my ex and I went only once. The toys might loo, i teresting, but one-size-fits-all does not wrk in the sex department.


  4. Well, one thing I’ll say for tupperware is it does last a long time – and a tupperware woman I once worked with said you could get replacement lids for just about any piece, no matter how old. As someone who often wonders where the hell a matching lid has gone, that’s a bonus.

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