Ya gotta try these!


As I was picking up some frozen pitted cherries for my morning smoothie at the grocery store, I saw something interesting I knew I had to try.



Tru Fru.

Individual pieces of ripe fruit… flash frozen and covered in chocolate.

Nothing more.

And nothing less than delightful.



I don’t have a huge sweet tooth but every now and then I like s little touch of dessert after dinner and these are perfect.

I take a few out of the freezer and let them sit 15-20 minutes before eating… and am now totally addicted.

The raspberry and strawberry have the deepest flavor… but the blueberry and cherry are good as well. They make a banana which I would love, but I haven’t found that one yet.




28 thoughts on “Ya gotta try these!”

  1. I don’t have a fkash freezer, but in summertime whem waterjelons are at their oeak I freeze
    Pieces of watermelon on a tray, then bag them. In the middle of winter I pull them out, and let them melt in my mouth. They almost taste better that way. (But I don’t use seedless watermelons. They are missing more than just seeds!)

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