Who knew?


Every once in a while I check my email and get a surprise.

Not the good…hear from an old friend, winning lottery ticket… kind of surprise, no.

But something surprising all the same.

Who sent it? I neither know, nor care to find out.


This guy performed an African elongation ritual and got ridiculous results.

Him and his hot wife went to Kenya a couple of years ago only to discover that native plants gave every local humongous penises.

The Maasai tribe, renowned in the scientific community for their unique 16 inches dongs and their well protected elongation method, gave this dude an extra 3 inches in the first few weeks after.
No wonder Porn stars are being put to shame.

Impressed by the results, he became friends with a few of the elders of the tribe and managed to learn their secrets while performing the ritual a couple extra times, with the same incredible results.

He stopped at 9,2 inches.

Just be responsible with this delicate info.

This ritual has created some monsters since it has been reproduced – around 112,000 to be more precise.


After reading it, laughing about it and deciding to post it… I searched Google images for an appropriate photo of the aforementioned Maasai tribes people to accompany my blog.



Does the email content explain why this person is happily jumping for joy?

You be the judge.


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