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Country living perks.


We live in a rural area of Maine…. and wouldn’t have it any other way.

Peace and quiet.

Visiting wildlife.

And beautiful scenery.

Some days more than others…



Living across the road from an organic vegetable farm has it’s benefits.



And fresh veggies aren’t the half of it.



Right now, the poppies are in bloom.



Glorious, riotous bloom.



And I’m enjoying every minute of it.



I mean really….



How can you not?


Garden fluff.


Since our spring was so late and cool, things have been blooming a bit more slowly this year.




But no matter when it blooms, if there’s any better smell than fresh lilacs?




I’ve yet to find it.




Though honeysuckle comes in a close second.

This one doesn’t look like much from far away…




But up close it’s pretty sweet.




These Mallow I planted a few weeks ago have quickly become my favorite new bloomer.




Naturally when I went back to the nursery for more they were sold out.

Boo to that.




June in Maine means rhododendrons…..




As well as Lupine.

And I love these purple beauties!



I needed a holiday from the holiday.


Our last day of the long Memorial Day weekend meant a morning of yard work.



Tag team mowing with the husband on his new toy and me slogging along with the old push mower.

It was a gorgeous day.



The pear tree was blooming.



The mallows I’d planted were thriving.



And everything had finally turned green.



Except the baby barn which I decided to start painting that afternoon.

Let me preface this by saying I used to love to paint.

I used to.

Until I had to use an artist’s tiny brush around all the nooks, corners, flashing and crooked angles on that beast.




Did I wear some paint, get covered in dirt, rip my pants, tumble off a ladder and work until almost 8:00 at night?

Yes I did.



But paint was applied.



And covered a multitude of sins.



Three sides done, one to go!