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Pandemic humor.


Still here. Still laughing… even when it’s not so funny anymore.



Seriously, you’ve had a year to figure it out. WTH?



Call me crazy, but I still think that’s a good thing.



Yes, hang on to your Charmin…. toilet paper shortages could be just around the corner again.



I think I still have 45 rolls from the first Oh no, I’ll never be able to wipe my butt again! apocalypse…. so I’m good. The rest of you? Good luck.



It looks like home schooling is winding down now with kids going back to the classroom…. but something tells me mommy’s sippy cup might still have a bit of the grape left in it.



True that.


When ya gotta go…..


Due to the nationwide shortage of toilet paper, I feel it’s necessary to share a little history.

As well as a helpful alternative in these troubling times.

You know the old saying, “When in Rome?”





The Ancient Romans were never bothered by a lack of tripe ply Charmin.

No, sir.

Not when they had their handy tersoriums.




I’ll pause for a moment to let you conjure a mental image of using one the next time you pay a visit.

Got it?

Alright then…. moving on.





Death by lion…. or swallowing a tersorium?

Sorry, but I’m going with the lion every time.

And in case you’re interested?

You should be thanking this man that you’re not outside searching for a stick right now.




Joseph C. Gayetty.

The inventor of modern toilet paper.




Corn cobs?

No thank you.

But if the Covid shortage continues, we’re all going to wish the Sears catalog was still being printed.




And now that I think about it….

Maybe I need to check the husband’s barn for this stuff. If anyone has some, it will be my other half.




Far be it for me to woo my own destruction.