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Dodging a Covid bullet.


It seems our 2021 Thanksgiving dinner might look like this…



Because I just received a phone call from the host of the celebration we planned to attend. She and her husband…. who were both fully vaccinated but not boosted…. have come down with Covid.

This woman is one of the most careful people I know. She always wears a mask, avoids crowds and washes her hands frequently. But her husband went north last week to visit his son. His son’s family was not vaccinated, and the town where he was staying has an extremely high positivity rate.

So now they’re both quite ill. Fever, chills, splitting headaches, extreme fatigue, body aches, joint stiffness, brain fogginess, coughing, sore throat, loss of taste and smell.

She’s a pretty tough cookie and rarely complains, but I can tell she’s worried. Thankfully they’re not having any breathing issues and are hoping they can ride it out at home.

I’ve offered to bring groceries and drop meals on their porch, but a family member has them covered.

And though I know it’s awful….the thought that keeps popping in my head is if it had been a day or two later? We all would have been exposed and at risk.

My other half had his booster shot 2 weeks ago… and me? I just scheduled one for this afternoon. Yours truly is not taking any chances.

I’m also not eating Thanksgiving dinner from a can… and am now heading to the grocery store to fight the crowds and search for a last minute turkey and fixings to prepare a quiet meal for two.

Minus the green bean casserole of course.