Because sometimes I’m not as clever as I think.



(Shocking, I know. But true.)

Our next Arizona adventure began because I wanted to stand on a corner.

In Winslow.

Are you with me?

I had visions of positioning myself for some epic selfies that would make my friends chuckle and think…

Damn! She’s clever.




So imagine my surprise when we got there….




And realized that standing on the corner in Winslow, Arizona was not only a huge tourist attraction, but a freakin’ cottage industry.




I mean, look!

They erected a fake building as a backdrop.

For the sole purpose of people standing on the corner taking selfies.




They even had the flatbed Ford…


IMG_3615 (2)


And an eagle in the window.

It didn’t take me long to realize I was not at all clever.

Or even original for that matter.




Every single store we passed was loaded with ticky tacky Take It Easy memorabilia.




There were loud speakers playing Eagles music… inside and out… on an endless loop.




I like the Eagles but I swear, if I had to live there?

I’d never want to hear them again.




The sidewalk in front of the famous corner is filled with memorial tiles, the first ones being made of concrete. But Glenn Frey came to town one day and said Hell no, let’s have brick… and donated $5,000 to the cause.




The town has a Take It Easy music festival every year.

And every year they invite the band…




But apparently standing on the corner in Winslow, Arizona once  was more than enough for the Eagles.

And for me as well.

I didn’t even take a selfie.

36 thoughts on “Because sometimes I’m not as clever as I think.”

  1. Where the Beatles crossed Abby Road is the same way. Nick walked and I got a photo. There are flashing lights that tell people if someone is in the crosswalk there they MUST stop back far enough their car is not in the photo. It’s kinda cool. No music blaring tho….

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  2. I, use to love the Eagles but have always hated Glenn Frey so I don’t listen to songs by them where he’s the lead, lol. So I’m pretty sure I’ll never visit Winslow Az, ever. It does look like Eagles overkill though. Maybe NOT taking a selfie was a good thing.

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  3. They don’t have food in Winslow?? Not even fake food??
    We have a restaurant group down here who are doing a ‘be nice’ campaign–it is so annoying!!!
    Funny but I’ve traveled to South America, the Pacific, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, etc., and no country seems to have ‘made up’ tourist attractions like the good old USA!!

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    1. There will be food tomorrow, but I can’t vouch for the quality.
      As for made up tourist attractions, there are so many amazing natural wonders and historic points of interest to see…. why would I want a fake building and plastic guitars? Of course you’ll never see me at Disneyland either.


  4. I tend to like the Eagles, but not that song… and I don’t get why that particular lyric (the song was written by Jackson Browne anyhow) became iconic. But yeah, give a small town an inch of a niche, and they’ll take it for a mile if it means tourism dollars…

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  5. Thanks for the warning of this tourist spot. I had a roommate once who played a CD of the Eagles’ greatest hits. Good thing she didnt play it too often.

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