So I cruised my followers list the other day and did a bit of belated spring cleaning.



Good bye mortgage company people, how to make money online people, unique items you can’t find anywhere else people….



If you’re blatantly a business and have never commented, liked or read a single word I’ve posted?



You’re outta here.

I’ve been blogging for more years than I care to count, and while I enjoy WP immensely… I have to say I’ve never been on a site that has so much digital commerce.

For pity’s sake…. I have salesmen knocking on my door trying to sell me boxes of frozen meat. I have telemarketers calling nonstop trying to sell me car warranties and vinyl siding. I have girlfriends trying to rope me into attending a dinner party so they can sell me Pampered Chef products.

Enough already! My blog is a sales free zone.

And I’m zapping.



(Sorry, cleaning analogies are over. But that’s a chicken…

Riding a vacuum cleaner…

While laying an egg.

These things must be shared.)




If you’re selling Cryptocurrency?

Please move along.

That’s not my idea of blogging.

Then there are these people…





They set up a site but never use it.

Why do you bother, and why do you always follow me? I engage with my readers damn it!




It’s surprising how many of these followers sneak in without you noticing.

When’s the last time you checked your list? I bet you have 50 or so lurking like I did.

Start zapping. It feels good to kick them to the curb….



Unless you’re one of those bloggers who needs a high follower count for personal validation.

Then by all means, you do you.

Feel free to have a bloated list.

I won’t judge.



Okay, maybe just a little.

The Meyer Briggs test said I have to…


P.S.  Sometimes I write and schedule blogs upwards of a week in advance. Since writing this?

Five of the zapped are back.

Perhaps I’m more irresistible than I thought.

46 thoughts on “Zapped!”

  1. Those useless followers, who never ever read, like or comment on your posts, are annoying, aren’t they?!

    What I have done recently is to unfollow all who clog up my inbox with their daily (sometimes even several times a day) posts who never ever read or comment on or like my own posts. So I have gotten rid of them and my inbox is a bit cleaner and less crowded. Now to do what you just did and clear out the unfollowers following – that’s a whole other task in and of itself but I’ll get to it.

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      1. Nope, you’re not one of them. You post once a day and it’s usually something interesting, humourous and worthy of my time. Plus you ALWAYS check out my stuff so it’s my pleasure to do the same for you.

        Now, there are others who post several times per day or daily who never ever read my stuff – they’re following me though but they never take the time to read my stuff (even though I post so infrequently) those are the ones I need to get rid of.

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  2. You’ve made me wonder now River, I’m going to check my follower list and cut lose those that don’t bother to read my posts. Because like those never ending click-happy people that just go through one post after another just “liking” something without reading, it’s annoying as hell. If you follow me, read my stuff, and don’t endlessly like everything, and if you follow and don’t read, un-folllow, Geez!

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    1. Some are, some aren’t. If they’re time sensitive… then yes. But when I have more time, I tend to write the series posts and schedule them. Otherwise you wouldn’t get your daily does of me! I do have a life away from the keyboard you know…

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  3. A while back, I wrote a post mentioning my septic tank, septic businesses from all over the country immediately began following me – like I am going to call a business in Florida to service a system in Minnesota.

    “We found the problem with your system.”

    “What was it?”

    “It’s that white stuff on top of your mound.”

    “It’s called snow.”

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  4. Being careful on unfollowing followers lest you throw out the bath with the baby water…… I once said this ie reversed the phrase then I accidentally bought a gallon of baby water in Walmart,so now I try and say it this way round when I can. I don’t even need a context anymore.

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  5. You can edit the list of people who follow you? I was unaware that was an option on WP. I weed out my following list every so often to phase out those who conveniently forgot I had a blog once I started following them, but I didn’t know you can boot followers on your end. I’m pretty sure I have a literal cast of thousands who want to sell me Kryptonite or whatever… though that’s largely WordPress’ fault because it WANTS those kind of bloggers who are out to make money…. not those of us who consider the blogosphere a giant tea party.

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    1. Oh yes, it’s very simple. Go to My Site… click Followers on the upper right. Big X and a remove button next to each name on the list. Zap away!
      WordPress might want them… but my tea party is a little more exclusive.


  6. I wrote one post – one – about gardening and about seven people with garden-themed blogs followed me. I don’t think they were following to unfollow necessarily, just confused. I was like, “Dudes – this is a (mostly) travel blog. If you’re expecting me to blog any further about gardening, you’re going to be sorely disappointed.” So far, none of them has unfollowed me, but when months go by and there are no more gardening posts… we’ll see.

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    1. Yes, the followers are quick to jump on the tag bandwagon…. but why? They never read, they never comment. If someone follows me, I make an obligatory visit to their page. If they’re selling something I delete them. And yet still, they come.


  7. I don’t have a 1 of them following me–that I know of! Have I lost my charisma? NO WAY!!! It might be I don’t comment very much–basically yours are the only one I read–but then yours are the only ones I get notifications about!!–consequently I comment of yours.
    Honestly, I have never looked at the list of my followers–heck I don’t even know where to find it/them!

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    1. Why does no one know how to zap? Or even where their follower list is? I zap with impunity. After all, my blogs contain vitally important information and we can’t let that fall into the wrong hands. Someone might try to weaponize my woodchucks for Gods sake. Precautions must be taken.

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  8. I’ve posted many a post deploring Trump, but (with one or two exceptions) never has a responder tried to ‘sell’ me on Trump. Maybe it’s because his semi-literate followers (the ones Hillary Clinton called “deplorables”) think I’m one of them. Hopefully they’ll remain too uneducated to ‘get’ me.

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  9. Clearly Swedish death cleaning is in the air and so is zapping! I think this is just one more reason I’m…what’s it called….self-hosted? Yea, I think that’s the term. I don’t have that problem. And Akismet takes care of all the robo…whatitz. I wonder if that’s why WP has it in for me at the moment? Mona

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  10. They’re a pox on blogging. There’s one guy that I reported to WP support and he got banned for TOS. Then, one day, I see his gravatar, as he ‘liked’ one of my posts. Then his faced disappeared and was replaced by a woman’s face, who had the same MO as he did. 3 or 4 follows a day, and ‘her’ gravatar linked to a commercial weight loss site with a .INFO domain. Lately, the INFO domains have been replaced with the .PW domains, since they’re even cheaper to host websites. They’re scoundrels.

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    1. I had one fellow who ran two sites. Every day he would like and follow me with both sites…. and every day I would delete him. EVERY damned day, for months. He was slow to take the hint, but I was victorious. The other thing that drives me nuts? The amoxicillin spam. Why do they all think I need it?


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