green. Green. GREEN!


We had a very wet spring… and it looks like we’re going to have a very wet summer as well.



Our lawn is still part swamp, numerous perennials have drowned and I am beginning to feel moldy.




At times it feels like we’ll never dry out.



But the result of all this infernal moisture is green.




Sprawling lawns of verdant green…




It took us a little longer to get Casa River in shape this year….




Because as soon as the warm temperatures hit there was an explosion of growth.




My pink honeysuckle was glorious and grew twice as wide.




Every single shrub is screaming for a haircut.



And the plants aren’t the only ones growing.

We have a pair of foxes with a den in our woods. They come up every evening to feed and carry pieces back to their young.




The woodchucks babies are scampering every where and curious as all get out.




These two were fascinated with the husband’s wet, smelly work boots.



No accounting for woodchuck taste apparently.

Summer may have been long in coming…

But it looks like it’s going to be an abundant season.

28 thoughts on “green. Green. GREEN!”

  1. Honeysuckle is my favorite scent. I know there’s a cologne out there that smells like it, but I don’t know what it is. Occasionally, I’ll get into an elevator and notice that someone previous has left that scent…


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  2. Your back yard or should I surrounding woods, look so beautiful! Because I live in the far, far Southwest part of Texas and we’re encouraged to save water resources, there isn’t much green around here. As a matter of fact yesterday driving home I noticed a house two blocks away from mine was having (are you ready for this?) astro-turf installed in the front yard! Ugh, really astro-fucking-turf…..or fake grass whatever one wants to call it, yuck, just yuck!

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    1. Yet another reason I couldn’t live in the southwest.
      We rarely have to water. Maybe a few flowers now and then but never the lawn.
      If I had to lay astro-turf? I think I’d move!

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      1. The thing here is xeriscape, which is mostly desert friendly foliage and rock landscaping. And, yes I’m working on moving, because you have no idea how many people are doing this to their front lawns.

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  3. I am green here too but have yet to finish getting Casa Frenchville in order. I mow. I need to trim and whack and define and and and but someone keeps me a bit busy …..


      1. Get rid of weeds, trim around house (meaning pulling weeds and moving catnip) couple trees in the WRONG place too close to the house. Then there is all the trees that got cut down……You know. Landscape. Mulch. Grub killer. Lawn fertilizer….

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  4. We’ve had a more than average rainfall here as well. It’s rained every Sunday this month, I think. The crepe myrtles are magnificent. My yard is a mess and is reverting back to a wild habitat. Once it dries out enough, we’ll be out there with hatchet, ax and saw (not really, but a little Rush came to mind.) Mona

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