Too good not to share… Part 2.


Before we found our current house, I went on what I lovingly refer to as the “Homes From Hell Tour” with my real estate agent. It was a seller’s market back in 2002 and they were selling some crazy sh*t.

We found a bedroom floor with a large hole in the center. It was a crater, you could see 2 stories down…. we found a trampoline in a living room with bumper pads on the walls and ceiling…. and we found a room entrance completely covered with blue tarps and duct tape. Apparently you only got to see what was in there if you purchased the place.

So yes, these crazy realtor photos make me laugh.





You’re doing it wrong.




When you’re bound and determined to make use of every last inch of space.




Good luck finding a bath mat to fit there.




I’m speechless.

And that doesn’t happen very often…




Good to know.




If you really, really, really want to live by the ocean… but can’t afford it.




And finally..

When you can’t afford wallpaper, but grandma has some spare rugs in her attic.



52 thoughts on “Too good not to share… Part 2.”

  1. I’ll admit; I love florals. but even I don’t love florals that much. The one with the green velvet? carpeting makes me think of one of those luxury suites in the sleazy motels in the movies (which typically have red velvet floors…)

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  2. River,
    That floral bathroom? Now I know what inspired Outkast to write,
    “I know you’d like to think your shit don’t stink
    But lean a little bit closer
    See that roses really smell like poo-poo-oo
    Yeah, roses really smell like poo-poo-oo”
    Just saying…they have a point.

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  3. Oh, lordy, and I thought the houses we looked at were bad. That bathtub makes me cringe – you get out all wet and slippery and then have to avoid the stairs somehow? Not for me. However, I do like the “Not Haunted” sign. There should have been one when I looked at the newest house I bought, but it would have been a lie.

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      1. Bought cheap, made improvements. I believe the departed spirit is happy with what we’ve done for her house and has now gone to wherever she was meant to go originally. At least, there haven’t been any strange noises or occurrences lately.

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  4. If I were a homeless ghost passing by that “Not Haunted” sign, I would stop and look no further (though I might pause momentarily to consider whether I should X out the “Not” before settling in).

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  5. Wow! And OMG! My ghaster is absolutely flabbered. Those are some true horrors. My worst horror was the house lived in by an elderly man with his 4 adult sons. It was grim. And you couldn’t go into the bathrooms with gagging … I guess that floral decor *could* cover a multitude of sins 😉

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  6. Some of these are really WTF just from a structural standpoint. I mean, the sinks and tubs, especially. One sink doesn’t even seem to have a spigot… And the bathtub. My vertigo and I shudder.
    I’ve seen a thing like your speechless master. In person. In the late 80s. A room so similar to that, I had to look twice and make sure it wasn’t the very same room. I remember now it was mauve. Mauve carpeting. I feel like it had a serious Laura Ashley vibe as well. It was in one of those multi-million dollar homes on the waterfront. Of course, the same occupant had done up the little boys’ rooms in ducks, like hunting mallards is what early childhood is all about, so you know, back to that money can’t buy taste thing…


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