Time to fess up….


Which one of you boneheads is peeing in my birdbath every night?

Because this is getting old.

Every afternoon I clean out the birdbath.




Filling it with sparkling clean, cool water for our birds to drink and take a bath.

And then every morning I wake up to this:




Every single morning.


Fun’s over. Admit your crime.

The midnight madness must stop.


48 thoughts on “Time to fess up….”

  1. Wow, I’ve never seen nor have I ever heard of any birdbath having bright yellow urine in it. If you get to the bottom of this mystery please share your findings.

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  2. Apparently, bird baths can be contaminated by algae. The birds themselves are the ones that bring the algae from wherever they’ve been. And when they land in your bird bath, they deposit it into the water, turning it yellow or sometimes red.

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  3. Now that I think about it, my chickens water will start to turn red after a couple days – it’s a type of algae. I need to refresh the water often.
    My geese water turns brown. I’ll bet we can all guess what causes that. LoL

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