Because everyone needs a drink.


Bird baths.

They’re not just for birds anymore….




These little guys never used to drink here until an apple tree sprouted in my garden bed a few years ago.




Now they’ve realized they can safely climb onto an overhanging branch and jump in.

Like I do…



                         Actual photo of me last Saturday night.


Pardon the quality of these shots, but it was dark and I was shooting through a window.




I’ve often wondered why the deer don’t stop to slake their thirst.




Now, I have proof that they do.






24 thoughts on “Because everyone needs a drink.”

  1. After my neighbors were foreclosed on….. er, moved out, I “borrowed” their birdbath that was sitting unused in the front yard… and that’s the one you see in my squirrel photos. I brought it over solely as a prop for squirrel photos (I used to put food in it)… but even when it would fill up with water after it rained, I never saw one drink from it. In fact, that’s the first squirrel I’ve ever seen drink anything…

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  2. We always had poop of one sort or another in our backyard growing up on a ravine. The bear droppings were the worst. Then we got dogs and the neighbours got the poop. We could still see the deer, but we didn’t have to pick up after them. #genius Except now we had dog poop. #foiledagain

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