White Mountains trip Day 3…. Sculptured Rocks.


Talk about your out of the way tourist attraction.





I kept directing the husband to drive and he kept thinking I was nuts. This place was in the back of beyond, on a dead end road, past a bunch of men with rifles taking target practice in their front yards.




Banjo music? A distinct possibility…




But once we found it, I was glad we persisted.

ARE YOU READY FOR SOME ROCKS?  *she sings in her best Hank Williams Jr. voice, which admittedly… is pretty lame*





To be more specific… glacial melt water sculpted rocks.




And what fabulous rocks they were.




Seriously… these rocks rocked.




The forms, the shapes…




Can you imagine the force it took to do this to solid rock?




These were impressive rocks.



Sculptured Rocks Natural Area, which spans 272 acres, is a unique example of nature’s powerful yet delicate artistry. The Cockermouth River carved a narrow canyon in bedrock on its way to Newfound Lake, beginning as the last ice age drew to a close. Nature used grains of sand suspended in the current to carve the walls of the canyon into curious shapes and create potholes in the bedrock.”We spent a good bit of time here.Climbing up, over and across the wonderful rocks.
It rocked. 


But you probably already guessed that.





And even if you’re not an aficionado like me….




You have to admit, they’re some pretty special hunks of rock.


By the way…

The husband’s ongoing challenge?

Still going.





So to speak.












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