Cape Cod Day 7…. Woods Hole and the aquarium


The tiny village of Woods Hole.

Home to the famous oceanographic institute… where you can visit, but can’t park your car.




Also home to a drawbridge….




And some wonderfully odd ships popping out of nowhere.

Our original plan was to visit the institute but when we realized we’d have to park downtown and walk ( in a 20 degree wind chill, after just hiking the Knob in a 20 degree wind chill)  we opted for the aquarium instead.




I’d read it was small and didn’t get my hopes up…




But they actually had a large diversity of  marine life….




As well as some fascinating exhibits.




No, not all the fish were pretty.




But it’s the weirdos I like best anyway.

Like this fellow….




And his large friend.




Pardon all the background noise, it was rather crowded the day we went.




Did anyone else realize loggerhead turtles were so freakin’ big?




Here’s someone you don’t want to step on accidentally.




This next guy looks my husband’s grumpy uncle.




Imagine having that stare at you across the Christmas dinner table every year.




Fish scales can be counted like tree rings?

Another thing I didn’t know.




I was beyond thrilled they had Lion Fish.




They’re my favorite!




Okay, yes.

They’re poisonous as hell and would just as soon kill you as look at you…

But aren’t they grand?





I mean come on…




Wouldn’t you risk a little venom…




To sidle up next to one of these beauties?


25 thoughts on “Cape Cod Day 7…. Woods Hole and the aquarium”

  1. I don’t know what that thing is (with the steering wheel) your hubby has his hand on, but you’re lucky it wasn’t for sale, or he’d now be the proud owner of a….thing.
    And you know what that means: the need for MORE STORAGE SPACE!

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  2. Lion fish are a delicacy here in upper scale restaurants cooked by 5 star chefs–they are delicious and I haven’t heard of anyone dying from eating one in a restaurant.

    Of course people who show 5 million rock pictures and only 3 food pictures should be careful eating Lion Fish–they talk among themselves, first in ocean, then tanks then is restaurant kitchens!! Just saying……

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  3. I am totally cool with the staff taking all the risk of being around the venomous fish. Beautiful exhibits, I love the colors.

    For the record, though, I thought Massachusetts was the place where you can visit, but can’t park your car.

    Liked by 1 person

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