Now that the apocalypse has begun…..




I really don’t understand this latest panic, but it’s happening… as witnessed by these pictures sent to me by a friend in Pennsylvania.




Her husband went to Wal Mart and felt like he won the lottery.




Which makes me very glad I took advantage of the sale our local grocery was running a few months ago.




Bring it Covid-19.

We’re ready!







46 thoughts on “Now that the apocalypse has begun…..”

  1. I’m still trying to understand several things
    1.) Why are we suddenly teaching people how to wash their hands?
    2.) Why is Toilet Paper and hand sanitizer the ONLY things gone off the shelves?
    3.) Why is there FOOD still available????

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      1. We men don’t understand the connection with women and TP … we just know that it is their DNA. Snookums comes home with TP almost every trip to Sam’s.
        Yet once a year, KMart has a paper sale … and she brings home a SUV laded with king sized packages of paper towels, TP and Kleenex that she squirrels away into secret nooks and crannies hidden throughout the house.
        I think one can’t possibly use that much paper … and that is the mystery part … where does it go?

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      2. The funny thing? I never stock up… my mother was a TP hoarder from way back but I never inherited the gene. We have 2 bathrooms so I usually have 2 packages, but something made me grab that extra pack on sale…. maybe I can sell it on eBay!

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      1. Maybe with a little ketchup, a1 sauce, salt pepper etc. (and a whole lotta imagination) it’ll taste like some kind of food? Sadly it still won’t be very nutritious.

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  2. So far I’m still going to work in an office building where I could, if circumstances were so dire, take toilet paper from the dispensers in the men’s room.
    I’d never take them from the women’s room, of course. That would be gauche.

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  3. So…. in Australia, we are hoarding TP, everything in the flour, pasta, toothpaste, canned foods, water, long-life milk and medicines aisles. People have been charged with punching on each other over TP. It’s cray-cray. A cashier at my local supermarket actually insisted I take a TP pack she had hidden behind the counter because she knew I had kids and would need it (as opposed to the hoarders). It’s dire times for sane people.

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  4. I have to admit that after seeing all the stories of toilet paper hoarding I am feeling the need to go out and buy more. I do have enough for a month

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