Things that fall into the WTH? category.


When checking out at the grocery store last week I saw these….




Rap Snacks.

I’m sorry, but no one needs Cardi B. flavored potato chips.

The woman wore a coffee filter to the Grammys. Enough said.




Something else no one needs?





I believe I actually said WTF when I first saw it.




Now come on…. if you have that much facial hair to catch?




Skip shaving altogether and put your beard in a pony tail like all fashion forward men do.


I think by now you all know of my lifelong aversion to dolls.

They’re creepy…. and if you don’t want me to spend the night? Put a few of them in the spare bedroom and watch me run.

But this?




This is the stuff of nightmares.

And speaking of that?

I was cruising Atlas Obscura a while back for an interesting day trip and their recommendation gave even me pause.




Yes, you and your significant other can visit the picturesque vistas of Turkmenistan and tour the Gates of Hell.

And if you think I’m kidding?

I’m not.




Admittedly…. as tourist attractions go, it’s a little strange.

But I’d still rather go there than back to Busch Gardens.




31 thoughts on “Things that fall into the WTH? category.”

  1. Although I appreciate you finding this travel destination, I’ve no desire to visit the gate to hell. I mean that literally and figuratively. I’m not that desperate for places to go, things to do.

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  2. Who in their right mind would put a freakin’ lighted disembodied doll’s head in a child’s bedroom??? I guarantee that when those parents turn 80, that kid is feeding them meatloaf made from Alpo.

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  3. Wow, rapper chips…no thank you. And I don’t need a trip to the gates of hell, I use to work there. Technically I still do, but I’m working from home, and it’s still there waiting for us to return with Baby Kermit as the gatekeeper….🙄🤬

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