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Super Bowl food horrors.


If you’re not familiar with the tradition , every year Google releases a map of the most popular Super Bowl food searches by state.



Being game day, I’m posting this helpful hint of what not to eat while watching Mahomes take Brady down a peg. Maine clicked in with traditional nachos, but some other states seem to have lost their minds.



Vermont went a different route. But then again, they usually do.



Oh, hell no Nebraska.



This just keeps getting worse.



Jesus. Do people not know how to snack anymore?

Chia seed at the Super Bowl. WTF!


Grocery store giggles.


In what universe are these an acceptable substitute for Lays?



Give me potatoes or give me death.




And have you wandered down the bottled water aisle lately?



One puts you to sleep, the other wakes you up.



I bet this one makes you crave junk food, and I’m not talking about the beet variety.



But is it?

Is it really….


CSA and grocery store fails.


This week brought a nice harvest from across the road.



Fresh chives, garlic scapes, carrots, Italian green beans, tomato, radicchio, dill, radish, garlic, mesclun mix, the dreaded and totally unwanted kale…. and a monster zucchini.

Which made this picture someone posted on our local Facebook page all the funnier.



The woodchucks got the kale, and to be honest they looked less than thrilled as well.

At the grocery store this week?



What the hell happened to Triscuits?

I can’t find those, but lentil with turmeric crackers abound.




Brown rice rollers.

I might considering curling my hair with them, but as a snack?


And what fresh hell is this?



Plant based Oreos?

That’s an abomination.

Things that fall into the WTH? category.


When checking out at the grocery store last week I saw these….




Rap Snacks.

I’m sorry, but no one needs Cardi B. flavored potato chips.

The woman wore a coffee filter to the Grammys. Enough said.




Something else no one needs?





I believe I actually said WTF when I first saw it.




Now come on…. if you have that much facial hair to catch?




Skip shaving altogether and put your beard in a pony tail like all fashion forward men do.


I think by now you all know of my lifelong aversion to dolls.

They’re creepy…. and if you don’t want me to spend the night? Put a few of them in the spare bedroom and watch me run.

But this?




This is the stuff of nightmares.

And speaking of that?

I was cruising Atlas Obscura a while back for an interesting day trip and their recommendation gave even me pause.




Yes, you and your significant other can visit the picturesque vistas of Turkmenistan and tour the Gates of Hell.

And if you think I’m kidding?

I’m not.




Admittedly…. as tourist attractions go, it’s a little strange.

But I’d still rather go there than back to Busch Gardens.




Cape Cod Day 4….Martha’s Vineyard


The forecast for Veteran’s Day was warm and bright so we decided to book passage on the Steamship Authority’s car ferry over to the Vineyard. This is something I’ve always wanted to do and I was tickled pink. Having no idea where, how much, or when…. we dropped by the ticketing office the night before and were rewarded with these –




Free tickets for the husband.

How sweet was that?


map 11


We reserved a spot on the 9:30am ferry from Woods Hole and were told to arrive half an hour before departure. Ever the type A personality, I made sure we were there 45 minutes prior and as soon as we pulled up, they pointed us towards the 8:15 freight trip and boom!

We were on board.




With a giant load of Christmas trees.




Being used to small Maine island ferries, I was amazed at how large these ships were.




And how clean, and how spacious, and what great views they afforded.




We happily roamed around taking pictures…




And found a snack bar!




Okay…. it wasn’t open off season, but still. If you want a snack on a Maine ferry? You better dig in your purse for that crushed pack of Nabs from 2003.

And then, before we knew it….




We were there.




Approaching Vineyard Haven.




And yes, it was just as beautiful and quintessentially coastal New England as you would imagine.




Here’s another ferry getting ready to depart, so you can see how large they are.




We had booked an 8:30pm trip back, so we arrived ready to spend the whole day exploring.


map 12


Of course none of the tourist information kiosks were open this time of year and we had no utter clue where we were going. ( I didn’t find this map until we were ready to leave.)

So we just drove.




Past weather beaten waterfront homes…




And homes…




That had their own private lighthouses.




How cool is that?