Distancing…. A definition.


According to the dictionary, the definition of distancing is:

To make someone or something far off or remote in position.




Not a difficult concept… so maybe you can tell me why certain groups of people have such a hard time comprehending it.

( I realize I’m going to tick some readers off with this next part, but I’m sorry… the situation is ticking me off on a daily basis. )

The husband and I have been good little virus citizens. We stay home, alone…. and I have made 2 trips to the grocery store (and only the grocery store!) in the past 19 days.

This is the definition of social distancing… and if it’s what we have to do to save American lives? Then that’s what we’ll do.

So if I can’t go to my local pub and pray to the God of Tequila?

You can’t go to church and pray to yours.



My pub is closed. Shut up tight so groups can’t gather and spread infection. But your churches are wide open and hundreds are sitting side by side.

I know my bar stool misses me, but I can drink at home if I choose. So how about you choose to pray at home as well? I know it’s possible, my mother did it every night.

Here are a few examples of what’s currently ticking me off –

Our daughter of the heart posted a state of North Carolina alert which listed churches as “essential” places that could remain open.

In Washington state 60 people attended a church choir practice. 45 of them now have the virus, and 2 of them are dead.

A pastor from Louisiana said closing churches would be “discrimination against the faith”.

Coincidence that 12 days after he said this the number of positive cases in that state skyrocketed?




But for shepherds who are supposed to care for their flocks?



The two small churches in our town are offering online video sermons and outreach through social media. That’s the correct way to practice distancing and tend to your flock at the same time.

Common sense will get us through this.

Let’s try to have some.

37 thoughts on “Distancing…. A definition.”

  1. I no longer have any sympathy for people who go to these large gatherings then get this crap. THEIR fault. And it’s PHYSICAL distancing. You can still be SOCIAL. You just need to do it from a PHYSICAL DISTANCE. People are JUST not getting that!

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    1. No, they don’t. And it doesn’t seem to matter that we’ve closed all the meeting places…. now they’re gathering at beaches and parks. So Maine has closed them too.
      What in the living hell is so hard about staying home?

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  2. its scary that those of us have to get out to get meds and/or groceries because we are trying not to hoard and only going out rarely as it is … but still in grocery stores people are not caring about trying to distance themselves. Some churches are like cults, they do what they want regardless of authority. 😦

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    1. “Some churches are like cults” — and most of the rest ARE cults (in the opinion of this ex-member of the biggest cult of all, the Catholic Church). But at least the Catholic Church had the decency to suspend the obligation to attend Sunday Mass, so if I were still Catholic, I wouldn’t be going to hell for staying home.


  3. I saw a news report about some worshippers in another country. They said that they couldn’t catch a virus inside a holy place. My mouth dropped.
    I know many many who are having online services, meetings, discussions with members of their congregations and they are doing a great job at supporting each other in practical ways. Its nice to see their caring spirit in action.
    I would be appalled at any religious figures who would endanger people.

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  4. Well said. A church is not an essential place to go. Being spiritual at home is as easy as watching Netflix. I share your opinion that the only essential place to go is the grocery store (and maybe the doctor/pharmacy if you need medicine).
    People who can’t entertain themselves at home mystify me.

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  5. There are covidiots everywhere! Our beaches were open and people were asked to keep it to immediate family and maintain six feet apart from others. Last weekend the weather was beautiful and all the covidiots mobbed the beaches nut to butt close. Governor had to close the beaches yesterday.

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  6. You’ll be happy to know that, except for a small socially-distant-respectful garage gathering this last Sunday, church has been cancelled for Pastor Tom and his parishioners. And Sunday was a last hurrah. We will all quietly stay in our respective pews at home and drink together on social media. 😁

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  7. Triggered warning: Our churches are closed and have been for a while. They closed our parks and people removed the caution tape so they put the tape back and posted notices of fines. The flower shop on the corner opened despite the ordinance to stay shut. They are being fined and they have a closure warning on their door. It actually made me happy to see it. Essential is essential. STAY HOME. Why are so many people making this so hard?

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