I love my town….


And their slightly off balance Facebook page.




Not off hand, no.

But I hope he finds one. Pigless is a terrible thing to be.




This picture of our local sheriff’s truck was posted by a resident.

Because really, who needs blue lights when you have a chicken?





This post was met with the incredulity and the scathing derision it deserved . Reveal your fiddlehead location? To a stranger!!

Mainers have been killed for less.

Fiddleheads are a precious ($15-$20 per pound) and extremely fleeting commodity in the spring. Locals protect their secret gathering spots like they do their virgin daughters. Personally I can’t stand the slimy things…




But Mainers go berserk for them.

And speaking of barely edible food, some well meaning townie posted this:




Now really, if I’m not going to eat the delicate unfurled leaves of a fern?

You can damn sure bet I’m not baking helicopter seed pods that look like bugs.


18 thoughts on “I love my town….”

  1. I’m thinking fiddleheads are as slimy as cactus and or okra. But I heard they were also poisonous. But that’s just what I heard, not sure of that’s true or not. As for the Deputy Chicken, we all know you loved that, lol.

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  2. See, when I see my townies do stupid stuff I just roll my eyes. I’m missing a veritable treasure trove of blogging gems. Also, this reminds me of a joke: a pig, a chicken, and a fiddle head into a bar …

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  3. I like fiddleheads, but don’t mind me, I also eat kale.
    Now, the maple seeds, I’m intrigued — I have many, many maples, and had no idea I was being showered with a crop. As a native Hoosier, I would think I’d know they’re edible by now, so Imma Google that.

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