Nightmare continued.



Momma squirrel was not happy we’d disturbed and scattered her children.

Not. At. All.



Matter of fact, she was downright pissed. And as the husband was working on fixing that awful hole…



She was positively manic, running to and fro….









Even trying to get in the house.



It was crazy.



But what she really wanted was back in that hole.



And as the husband worked, she watched.

See her up top?

The longer it went on…. the braver she got.



There were times I thought she would climb right over the husband to get in there.



She was one mad momma.



To be continued…

25 thoughts on “Nightmare continued.”

      1. I understand that – but… I believe she is friends with the skunk family down the road. ~js

        Prick them – do they not bleed?
        Revenge is a dish best served cold.

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  1. Does the story end with she finds her babies? Your story is really tugging at my heart, same situation but with a cat and kittens. I fostered (and blogged about,) our cat, Rachel. The animal rescue group was called after the house owners found Rachel’s kittens in their attic, but not before boarding the hole up for 3 days. The owners didn’t know the kittens were in their attic. And Rachel couldn’t get to her kittens for 3 days, or ever again, bc the rescue group removed the kittens, found a foster to bottle feed and the foster adopted them (good.)

    As for poor Rachel, she was eventually caught, skinny and malnourished, her milk dried up and she was terrified. I had her for 2 months and she lived under our futon mostly, terrified. The attic event tramatized her. It took 3 people and a trip to urgent care from 5 cat bites, for her to be caught and placed ultimately, in the best place, a barn.

    Is it possible to reopen the hole momentarily for momma squirrel to either see her babies are gone? Or maybe not all the babies are out? I wished there was a squirrel rescue service or someone that could help you and the squirrel. I know you can’t leave the hole exposed but I also live in a rural area and know when determined, squirrels and pack rats eat thru most materials to reside where they want.

    Please let us know what happens. I feel for you and am praying God reveals the right answer for your house, your involvement (wild animal situation popped up out of nowhere and there are other priorities in your life…I’ve been there, ) your poor husband doing the hard patching job, and the squirrels, momma and babies!

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  2. It always amazes me just how determined, resourceful, and athletic squirrels are. I’m convinced they’ll be around long after humanity has been extinguished (probably still searching for those nuts they buried eons ago).

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