A Covid 19 4th of July.


We were invited to a few get togethers last weekend, but passed on all of them. I’m afraid I just don’t trust people well enough to gather in groups yet.

So I took a picture of my new, appropriately patriotic flowering plant….




And we stayed home to mow the lawn instead.




Yard work is an all day event ’round here, but it’s quite satisfying.




The daylilies are popping…. and when we were through mowing and whacking and trimming we fired up the grill.




And had an adult beverage while the husband stared, still enraptured by his new toy and it’s viewing window.

( Latest Seagram’s flavor review: Wild Berries – meh. Won’t be buying that one again.)




After some truly marvelous steaks, husband raked grass clumps…. and while I was cleaning up the kitchen?

I looked out the window….. and took a picture through the screen which looks like a bad acid trip.




( Or so I’ve been told. I have no personal experience. No. Not me. Uh uh. )

But yes.

That cute little bugger was at it again.




Eating one of the flowers he’s not supposed to like to eat.

Someone needs to revise that list.





16 thoughts on “A Covid 19 4th of July.”

  1. First off your yard is amazing! When are the peeps from Home and Garden coming? We also had a low key 4th. We had 4 hours left on our last leg of this current trip to get to Texas. We were so excited we couldn’t sleep and ended up taking off at 3 AM from our sketchy boondock location at a Crackerbarrel in Vicksburg Mississippi. We surprised the parental units by showing up early. My mom had already made my favorite dish so we didn’t even BBQ which is so unamerican. Seems like we are breaking all the social rules lately.

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  2. Teach those woodchucks how to read and then put NO TRESPASSING signs wherever you don’t want the critters to trespass. Problem solved.

    P.S. If, per chance, NO TRESPASSING doesn’t work, add UNDER PENALTY OF DEATH!

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