Grocery store funnies.


Lately there’s always something photo worthy at the grocery store.

Since the viral apocalypse, I’ve been seeing weird things on the shelves. Every day items have been replaced with generic and no name brands.

And when it comes to no name brands?

You can’t get any more nameless than this toilet paper.



Not wasting money on advertising slogans here. No sir.

Another weird sight?



A line of products approved by a skinny earth friendly butcher.

Beefy flavored stroganoff?

I’ll pass.

Chickenless Buffalo chicken?

Nope. It’s all yours.

But at least the pad Thai had authentic rice noodles. Because there’s nothing worse than wannabe rice.

And okay, I get it…. vegans have to eat. But it always makes me chuckle the lengths they’ll go to to approximate the taste of meat. If they don’t want to eat animal flesh, fine. They can stuff themselves with kale. Heck, I’ll gladly give them my share.

But enough with the winking plant protein butcher.

He’s not fooling anyone.

31 thoughts on “Grocery store funnies.”

  1. Stop trying to shove that poorly processed fake crap down our throats. Eat healthy. Eat natural. Processed food can cause cancer. Our bodies are not DESIGNED OR BUILT to digest ARTIFICIAL. If more people understood this, there would be less illness. I learned it the hard way with Nick. Cancer feeds on that crap.

    *picks up soapbox, tucks it under arm, walks away*

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  2. I think in Canada some of the wheat flour was sold in plain, non-descript bags for a while in an effort to get it out to the consumers more quickly . Lol.

    2020 is full of loopy stuff! Apparently in Florida you can now get flesh or brain eating amoebas from drinking water…😬

    What will August bring? 😃

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      1. Personally, it looks like an overpack that someone broke opened, seperated, and then put on a shelf. Perhaps to make it look like there is a lot of inventory?

        The “name” could be on the other side of the package.

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