Curly haired girls rejoice!


I’ve always had naturally curly hair. And while that didn’t allow me to blend in during the long straight 70’s, I came into my own during the bigger the better 80’s.



Women still pay large amounts of money for perms, but fresh from the shower and allowed to air dry?

My hair looks like this –



I normally embrace my curl… except on damp days when I tend to look like this:



But there are times when I’d like a change. A slightly more controlled look.

Before I found the wonder product I’m about to share with you …. with no remuneration from the company though damn it, they should… this meant schlepping to a hair salon and paying someone to spend an hour pulling and tugging my locks into submission with a hot blow dryer and a medieval torture device large round brush.

But now?

Now that I’ve found this miracle wand?



It’s smooth sailing when ever I want.



In no time flat my hair is …






And now that you’ve seen more pictures of the back of my head than you ever thought possible?



Go get yourself one of these.

It’s quick, it’s easy… and if you can twirl spaghetti?

You can have straight… or in my case straighter… hair than you ever dreamed of at home.

29 thoughts on “Curly haired girls rejoice!”

  1. My recomendation is: do whatever it is that you needed the straight hair for quickly, because – your hair won’t stay that way for (uhh) long. 😉

    What happened to the 80’s? They took Aqua Net off the market. That stuff was mad-strong.

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  2. A. I HATED 80s hair (I was a teenager and my hair looked the part by itself which made me hate it even more because I like sleek and straight.) Also I hate hair spray.

    B. She’s talking about magic wands. 😂😂😂

    C. Your hair looks amazing!

    D. Wands…..😂

    E. I use coconut oil on my frizz. Just a bit. If you use too much you end up looking like Fonzie.

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    1. 1. Someday I need to pull out some pictures of me in the 80’s. The clothes. The banana clips. Worth a laugh
      2. Yes. Yes I am.
      3. My hair thanks you.
      4. Wands make the world go ‘round. 😉
      5. Yikes. With my hot flashes a coconut oiled head probably isn’t a good idea.

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  3. I pretty much just don’t care anymore. I can’t be assed to do anything more than wash my hair. When it’s hot and humid out, like now, I just gather the frizz and clip it to the top of my head.

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  4. Damn it River, is there nothing wrong with you? You live in Rivers Wild Kingdom, you have perfect hair, your a drive away from lobster, you get fresh veggies every other day and you control the hubs with mind control….uhh….subtle suggestions.

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    1. Well, it might look like wine and roses but…. the wild things eat my flowers, my hair only looks perfect for 5 minutes after I style it, I’m allergic to lobster, half the veggies are kale or cilantro and the husband resists my mind control on a daily basis.

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  5. I fully understand having thick, curly, uncooperative hair. If I let mine gain any significant length, it rampages in all directions, creating a deadly nimbus that can ensnare low-flying aircraft….

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  6. The round brush and blow dryer are marvelous for my unruly curls, but the heat from the blow dryer is bad on my skin — also unruly, cause rosacea. I tend to wear my hair as is, and sometimes straighten it. May get one of these, it may be brilliant. Especially since it would probably reduce heat damage. Thanks!

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