It’s just wood.


No, not that kind of wood.

The kind that my husband wanted to replace this:



Our deck railings, which are rotting in a few places.

I’ve tried to talk him into ripping the whole deck out and putting in Trek composite…. yours truly is tired of staining every 2-3 years…. but no. He got half of the deck wood at a yard sale, for free.

It must be preserved.

Did it match the existing wider deck planks?



No. But you’re not supposed to notice that.

So…. we shopped for wood and different railings.



If you’ve never shopped for wood with my husband you don’t know what you’re missing.



He used to run a quality assurance shop for helicopters in the Marine Corps and he takes quality seriously.

Does it surprise you to learn that we spent more than an hour searching for 2 pieces….. and he didn’t find any he liked?



It shouldn’t.

But I did come home with new bronze deck balusters.



To be continued….

21 thoughts on “It’s just wood.”

  1. It doesn’t surprise me at all. I’ve searched in vain for two straight boards, without cracks and splits and knots the size of Texas. The balusters look interesting. This will be a nice project to follow.

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  2. We’re in the process of beginning to talk about the possibility of replacing our deck with… Trex. Not wood exactly, but allegedly something far superior. Deets on this convo as it evolves over the next year or so. In the meantime I’ll enjoy your project from afar.

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      1. A bit more labor intensive to build, but no staining or painting makes it well worth the effort. Check different brands though. We special ordered a slightly thicker version of Trek for strength in a high traffic area.

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      2. Ok. Didn’t know about the thicker version, so will keep that in mind. As I said this project is a long time off, but I like to have some idea of what I’m getting into beforehand.

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