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Project finale.


Railing installation on the last section of deck required measuring.



So much measuring.



I figured 16 balustrades, at 5 1/2 inches apart.



Which the husband started to implement and then chose to ignore.



Why did he change the spacing?

I have no idea.



But he continued on his path.



And shockingly, something was off.



There he is with the little level again.

Silly man, didn’t he learn anything from the baby barn?



When he reached the end? He had too much room to leave it open, but not enough room to evenly space a rail.



So he jammed one in anyway, because at that point he didn’t care.

I did, but managed to swallow my criticism. It was done, and looked a damn sight better than it used to.













I’m pleased with it, as long as I don’t focus on symmetry.



It’s a cleaner, more modern look.



But now I can’t decide if the white lattice panel should stay or go.

Guess that can wait till I restain the deck.

Slow and steady wins the race.


But it doesn’t get your deck railing project finished any sooner.

We were back at it and it was still hot.




Unfortunately the heat wave coincided with an extended dry spell and our lawn was starting to crunch.




But old railings were torn down.




And rusty nails exposed.




I stained the new wood we had to waste almost 2 hours going to get that morning because someone… I won’t mention who… cut the other pieces incorrectly.




And then that someone  (oops, my bad)  discovered a sander in the barn and wanted to play.




He was fine on the flat surfaces, but scared me to death when he started trying to sand in between. That thing would hit a beam, jump out of his hand and spin wildly across the deck. It happened a dozen times but I could never quite catch it on film.



In between his legs.

Close to the power cord.

I knew something was gonna give, and it did.




That thing jumped up and sliced his jeans right open. Thankfully he wasn’t hurt, but at that point I said no more sanding!




Which he completely ignored and kept sanding.




After sanding, and almost slicing his leg off?

He hammered nails.




And swept the same portion of deck I had just swept.

Apparently I didn’t do it right.

We did manage to get a few pieces of wood installed before dinner.

With some gentle persuasion.




So this was basically it.




For a whole days work.

Good thing no one is paying us by the hour……





It’s just wood.


No, not that kind of wood.

The kind that my husband wanted to replace this:



Our deck railings, which are rotting in a few places.

I’ve tried to talk him into ripping the whole deck out and putting in Trek composite…. yours truly is tired of staining every 2-3 years…. but no. He got half of the deck wood at a yard sale, for free.

It must be preserved.

Did it match the existing wider deck planks?



No. But you’re not supposed to notice that.

So…. we shopped for wood and different railings.



If you’ve never shopped for wood with my husband you don’t know what you’re missing.



He used to run a quality assurance shop for helicopters in the Marine Corps and he takes quality seriously.

Does it surprise you to learn that we spent more than an hour searching for 2 pieces….. and he didn’t find any he liked?



It shouldn’t.

But I did come home with new bronze deck balusters.



To be continued….

Why is nothing ever easy?


Take staining the deck for example.

I do it every few years, and that time had rolled around again.



So I went to Lowes and had them mix this color.



A nice warm chocolate brown.

Then I duded up in my paint clothes, gathered my brushes and hacked back the boxwood shrubs that were in the way.



All was well…. until I opened my can of stain.



And saw that.

Does that look like a warm chocolate brown to you?



It wasn’t even close.

And looked positively awful when painted on the deck railing. Like liquid peanut butter.




Way too light.

Knowing I’d have to return it but not wanting to change clothes and drive 40 minutes to Lowes, I ran up to the local hardware store for a darker stain.

Of course they were almost out of stain and only had one choice…. which I bought, went home and tried.




Way too dark.

I was beginning to feel like Goldilocks…



And trudged back to the hardware store to return the second can.

By the time I got back, the husband told me to hold off staining because he wanted to replace all the old rotted railings with something nicer.

Another project?

I’m not sure I have it in me.

And how long will I have to live with a multicolored railing?



Stay tuned for this and other equally as uninteresting answers.