Reason #612 why I hate this new editor.


Bear with me while I bitch.

(I have two weeks worth of scheduled posts in the queue so the bitching will be limited at this time.)

Ever since the husband started teleworking in March, I’ve been doing a lot of blogging on my phone. Which, until the new roll out of the editor from Hell, was fine.

But now that people are being forced to use it, things have changed… at least for me.

My friend from  No Facilities, Dan Antion, is always nice enough to include photos of the rabbits he sees on his walks for me. With a backyard family of foxes, bunnies are the one critter we never see at Casa River.

But when I look at his posts now…

This is what I see –



Text over photos.



Photos over photos.



Text over text.



And photos over text.

Anyway you look at it, it’s a mess.

So if any of WordPress’s inappropriately named ‘Happiness Engineers’ drop by to say hello?

Be sure and tell them I ain’t happy.

42 thoughts on “Reason #612 why I hate this new editor.”

    1. Hi Rivergirl…I started following you because I too have been upset with these changes and have been talking to marlagro…she highly recommended I follow you!
      I was going to move to Wix because I have a sales site/blog there also but marlagro told me she was finally able to post her most recent story. Encouraged to try here again, I “played” with the site and practiced playing with some of the new features…if you click on the + sign on the top left there are a ton of options…including “Classic”…which allows you to do things more like it was before the changes. Not exactly the same but I find it easier to figure out the rest. It is taking me longer to get my post done but I am taking my time and learning as I go. I haven’t published yet so I don’t know if my photos will scrambled. Sorry you got that after you finally posted!! I am hoping if we all complain enough WordPress will put things back the way they were! Good luck! I enjoyed a few of your posts and am looking forward to how it goes in the future!

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      1. I’m afraid they’re never going to bring the classic editor back, but yes… I’ve been playing with the classic “block” and as long as they leave that there for people like me who bitch, I’ll deal with it. The only other alternative is finding anew blog site and I’ve bounced around too many times to want to start over again elsewhere.

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  1. Oh, man. I feel ya. I hated the switch when I made it. I will say, though, that those happiness engineers are fantastic. Every single time I reached out to them with a problem, they fixed it. Sometimes there were temporary workarounds while my theme argued with the new editor, but mostly, they just fixed it. I wrote a bit about my frustrations back here: Maybe shoot’em a message with an issue and see if they’re still the beautiful bunch I was working with last year? I love them! Renewed my faith in humanity and customer service. Them and YNAB. Those folks are incredible, too. Good luck; it’s not so bad once you work out the bugs.

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  2. Haha yeah the editor really is doing a number on the photos. I myself need to summon up the Classic block every time I want to insert a photo because the captions don’t work properly in the Block editor.

    Oh well, what you gonna do, am I right? Stay strong!

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