Random photos you don’t need to see, but will just to humor me.


Our resident skunk who visits nightly.

Like everything else around here, he’s ass backwards with a black striped tail and white tip.

Regardless, he’s still a little stinker… and if the tip goes up?




Two CH-53E Marine Corps choppers flying over our backyard during some rare state of Maine training.

We lived in the flight pattern of these babies down south when my husband was active duty, and trust me, when they go by? You feel it.

As does your house.. because everything that isn’t nailed down rattles.



The sunset up the road from our house the other night.

You may ooh and ah at will.



A sign I bought for the husband’s future barn bar.


Making friends more interesting for centuries.

34 thoughts on “Random photos you don’t need to see, but will just to humor me.”

      1. It definitely doesn’t get rid of all the smell; also, after they were bathed, the dogs would just dig up the skunk again. At that point, they slept outside for a few days.

        Although, I can still remember one of them snuggling in bed with me and still having the scent…

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  1. I’ve always thought beer made me interesting to my friends rather than the other way around. That reminds me of the time I was out with friends and I ordered a bourbon barrel stout. Everybody tried it and when the waiter came around to take orders for a second round everybody pointed at me and said, “What he’s having.”
    And that sunset picture looks altered but I know it’s not. In fact that could be the state slogan: “Maine. It just looks Photoshopped.”

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  2. Oooh…what a find on that sign! I am Air Assault qualified and use to hop out of those helicopters from as high as 120 feet. Sometimes upside down. Sometimes while being shot at. Those were the faster rappels. Once while dropping into Kigali, my ruck took a round and it lodged into the metal frame. Pretty sure it would have hit a vital organ otherwise.

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    1. The Marines have the CH- 46. Work horse of the Corps, they never failed. Which is why the gov’t sold the design and patent to the Japanese and can’t make them anymore. They replaced it with the tilt rotor Osprey which they spent billions on. It’s useless on carriers and falls out of the sky. Great idea.

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      1. My husband worked on the program years ago. We had Marine Corps pilots that were refusing orders to fly in them. 3 miles up the road from our house in NC an Osprey crashed in our friend’s backyard. It was horrible.

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