CSA and grocery store horrors.


Another veggie bonanza.



Tomatoes, beets, leek, basil, carrots, parsley, squash, radish, chickory, spinach, Korean melon and yes… the dreaded kale.

It’s lovely having fresh organic veggies right out of the ground and buying less at the grocery store’s produce section.



Tastes like an artichoke. Then why not buy an artichoke? I’m so tired of wannabe food.

Be what you are…. and be happy!




Burgers are not made from plants! Not in my world anyway. But did you notice the oh so cleverly named Incogmeato only has 32% less fat than the real thing? Where’s the other 68% come from… lard coated arugula?

I’ll pass.



Right Rice made from vegetables is wrong.

So wrong in fact, check out the bottom left corner of the package. It’s made from chickpeas, peas and.. rice.

Rice made from rice.

What a novel idea.

And then, because I live and shop in Maine? This was also available for purchase:



A map of mooses.


Big goofy looking things with horns, often seen in the company of a squirrel.

You can’t miss them.


25 thoughts on “CSA and grocery store horrors.”

  1. Don’t moose tend to move? In fact I’ve seen mooses–I think the plural is miise–swimming, which is a pretty impressive sight. If a moose is staying in one place I’d be concerned. It might be a vegetable that’s pretending to be a moose.

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  2. There was once a political party called the Bull Moose Party, but it died over a hundred years ago. I heard the grave site is in Maine, but that’s probably a lot of bull.


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