Learn something new everyday.


So I had to buy it.



Because our weekly Scrabble games demanded it… and I’m tired of the husband getting mad when I tell him his word doesn’t exist.



Hornito is a mound of volcanic matter?

I always thought it was a tequila.



I admit to not knowing recta was the plural of rectum… and won’t comment on its proximity to the word rectory.

Nope. Not going there.

And speaking of Jesus…



All this was fascinating but I draw the line here.



Grr should not be an acceptable Scrabble word.

And grrrl?

Apparently it references a feminist punk rock movement in the Northwest called Riot Grrrl.

I call foul. And despise common usage additions to dictionaries.

P.S. don’t tell my husband.


20 thoughts on “Learn something new everyday.”

  1. I would have chucked it in the trash as soon as I saw the cover that proclaimed emoji and bitcoin were legal words…

    And I’ve seen (and even used) “grrl” before, but not “grrrl.” Maybe there’s a difference between two R’s and three?

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