Ball tax… and other nonsense.


Yes, it’s true.

The Maine state government has finally gotten around to taxing your dog’s balls.



Beware “fully equipped” friends.

You could be next.



I had to do a double take on this one. Although holiday poop gift ideas wouldn’t be an odd addition to my news feed at this point… that’s actually actually a shrimp poop removing tool.

And who doesn’t want to find one of those in their stocking Christmas morning?



2020 is my husband.

While I carry a washable cloth mask in my purse, he uses those blue paper things and I find them hanging everywhere. Rear view mirror, stick shift, hat rack, door knobs etc.

Sanitary it’s not.


22 thoughts on “Ball tax… and other nonsense.”

      1. As you well know, we take our corn seriously. In fact, corn races are a year round form of entertainment. What lucky folks we are!

        As our governor recently stated (this is a bit of paraphrasing): “Omicron Shmomicron. Now, off to the toilet. I must win the corn race!”

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  1. I have a blue “new car smell” Christmas tree on my rear view mirror. If I lived near enough to get shrimp straight off the boat, the shrimp de-pooperizer tool would be awesome. Dog balls? Tax’em! I don’t like dogs anyway.


  2. I laughed out loud at the last one, though I take issue with the crucifix. I thought the 1970s were all about fuzzy dice? Or maybe that was an earlier decade. All I know is, I had ’em hanging in my car in the ’80s!

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    1. Fuzzy dice are from the 50’s. And if you didn’t know… originated with pilots in WWII who hung dice with the number 7 displayed in their cockpits for good luck before a mission.
      No fuzz then of course.

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      1. I had no idea! That’s fascinating. Thank you for sharing.

        Are we sure people didn’t hang mood rings from their rearview mirrors in the ’70s? Or happy faces? Still not sold on the whole crucifix thing.

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