15 thoughts on “I love my town.”

  1. Hate to tell you, but Maine is not in the North, merely north of most areas of the Eastern states. Washington, Idaho, Montana, North Dakota and Minnesota are all north of Maine, not to mention Alaska, which is truly white this time of year. To try to usurp the moniker Great White North you are insulting almost every Canadian, and that is only in the Western Hemisphere. The Eastern hemisphere would just add on a whole host of other nations and peoples. On top of that, as a mass if land, Maine has no claim to being great. It is a piddly little area of land that would be swallowed up 38 other states. Maine may have a lot of things going for it, but the “great white north” is not one of them. (All tongue-in-cheek, of course.)

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    1. To most Americans, Maine is north. And speaking as a Mainer, it’s great as well. In winter? It’s great and white.
      And I’m not at all biased in that opinion.


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